From Ghost to Hugo

August 4, 2018

From Ghost to Hugo

After moving to Vancouver, I wanted to start writing again about the things I’ve been involved with - mostly stuff related to Data Science, Finance and Blockchain.

But I really didn’t want to have my website running on Ghost + Heroku anymore, because I also have to store all the posts on Postgres and it’s just overkill for a simple website/blog. I just want a simple static site.

Then I found hugo, which is a lot simpler - it’s just a static site generator written in Go, and I can deploy the static files and run the site on github pages from now on. Also, all my posts are stored as markdown files, and I can easily edit them on any text editor (no need for admin sites, passwords and et cetera).

I’m also going to translate most of my old posts to english in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.